If you think your restaurant is doing fairly well and you have no worries about it, think again. Of course, it’s doing great amidst tough competition in the market; but are you satisfied with just the way it is? Don’t you want to add extra features and facilities to your restaurants or improve something about your website so that it goes an extra mile in serving customers in the most delightful manner possible? If the answers to all the above questions are an enthusiastic “yes”, then it is time to lend your website the extra touch of zone delivery map.

You may already have a delivery service, but are you sure everyone in your city is well aware of it too? Even if they are aware of it, are you certain they know which zones of the city your delivery service caters to? Possibly not! Well, to them a zone delivery map can be of immense help. This is the map of the city that specifically points your location in it and marks the zones you deliver your delicacies to.

The advantage of incorporating a feature like this in your website is that you can let your potential customers know up till which point they can expect a delivery. If you have a chain of restaurants then you can show it in Google Maps as well, showing which branch caters to which zone. Having clearly demarcated branches catering to separate zones in the city also helps customers place their orders correctly.

How many a times have you received delivery calls from customers of a different zone who could have ordered the same dishes from that localised branch of yours? You had to give them the phone number of that specific branch and ask them to call there to place an order. A website that incorporates a zone delivery map can save this effort of yours and also save the customer the trouble of calling here and there to order. The customer can check the details online and go ahead placing the order rightly in the apt branch.

We, at Ordering Online System can do this for you so that you can rest assured that your restaurant location and delivery zones are clearly marked out to let customers know where they need to order.

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