Consumer eating trends reflect the neck deep competition that entrepreneurs running a restaurant need to face on a regular basis. Customer expectations are sky high these days and that is not just restricted to good food but also extends to having a nice decor along with impeccable service. These are some of the attributes that restaurants need to provide to customers in order to set the revenue bells ringing.

Good decor, high-quality food and impeccable service are the basic necessities that all restaurants need to offer visitors. Interestingly, recent market trends show that there are latest attractions in the pipeline that restaurants are providing.

How Online Food Ordering Offered by Restaurants Boost Business?

This latest attraction is offering customers the scope to order food online and get it delivered at their home. Most restaurants have adopted this feature and provided the option to clients to order food online from the convenience of their homes. In case you are running a restaurant which is still not providing the online food ordering platform, then you are already running late.

There are high chances that you are missing out on a big scope of revenue generating opportunities. Online food ordering is a big hit and that is primarily because of the Smartphone wave that is ruling the consumer market. Smartphones and Tablets have made online food ordering easy and most importantly convenient. Any restaurant which does not offer a mobile friendly ordering option is considered to be less appetizing for the target audience.

Home delivery options offered by the restaurants also remains less availed because of the lack of online food ordering scope. It is time for restaurant owners to introduce this new feature and increase the customer base that will accelerate sales.

Ordering Online Statistical Data

Statistical figures are the best way to understand recent market trends and for entrepreneurs owning a restaurant, understanding the present trends are important. As these trends help them to understand how they need to upgrade their restaurant in order to attract customers. So, let us take a quick look at the statistical data reflecting the trends doing the rounds in restaurants.

  • A poll conducted in early 2016 reflects that 43% customers have taken the help of the Internet to place home delivery food orders. Another 58% have admitted that they have viewed the online menu of restaurants when placing a food order.
  • Another study conducted by a group of scholars reveal that one-quarter of restaurateurs introduced online ordering in their restaurants and have seen improvement in the sales figure. The reasons entrepreneurs cited that had pushed sales are order accuracy, increase in order numbers and savings in labor charges.
  • The final survey reveals that 63% customers prefer viewing a restaurant’s menu online compared to 16% customers who prefer to check a restaurant’s menu through a third party online ordering service.

Other than surveys and polls, several restaurant owners have revealed the massive increase in sales that they have enjoyed after introducing the online food ordering platform. It is considered to be a huge hit among customers because of the convenience and the comfort it offers. Hence, it is time for restaurants to introduce the online ordering system.

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