Online food ordering website and script becomes all the more efficient and smart with various add-ons. Let’s explore a few of such popular add-ons:

Customised Design: A custom design can provide a script unique look and feel. When it is about building and marketing a robust image for your business, designers can give you the right kind of design that you will find best for your business.

Discount Add-on: One of the best ways to drive the users to your website is to offer discounts. Therefore, it is important to have discount add-on. Discount code and automatic discount add-on are developed to suit the need of your concept and market.

PayPal Add-on: When you are looking to get payments online, PayPal is considered to be a must for your system to execute online money transactions. The PayPal Add-on provided by the online ordering system providers will give you all the benefits of its front-end and back-end features. Using the PayPal add-on, users can pay through PayPal on checkout for both desktop and mobile version. Even when they do not have PayPal account, they can pay with their Credit or Debit Card. Businesses will get the money directly into their PayPal Accounts.

Mercado Pago Add-on: This payment gateway is useful where PayPal is not accepted like in Latin America.

SMS add-on: Using this SMS add-on, restaurants can choose to receive a SMS notification as soon as they get an order.

Add-on for Reviews: The reviews add-on comes with various features. The users are invited by an e-mail to review the restaurant where they have placed the order or after the order have been placed or the order is confirmed.  Users are able to review the various aspects of the restaurant and share their comments and thoughts on Facebook Page.

iPhone and iPad App: Every site needs to offer an extra channel for revenue generation and for this, iPhone and iPad app is a must for your online ordering system. It provides an extra platform for increasing your revenue, is in tune with your web responsive version, and increases the professional look of your site.

WordPress Add-on: This useful Add-on lets you get rid of all the hassles of complicated HTML software for developing static content pages and use all the possibilities of WordPress with all its paid and free plug-ins available.

We, at Ordering Online System create online ordering software that acts as the best possible system offering user-friendly features for you to grow as a company and as a business.

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