2016 is going to be a competitive year for the restaurant owners. The Restaurant Hospitality has already released 11 top trends for the restaurants in 2016. As per Baum + Whiteman, however, the two major trends for this year have nothing to do with food! Surprising, isn’t it? So, let us now see the top three trends which will have a create impact on the restaurant businesses worldwide.

Delivery Services

This trend will continue and many third-party delivery services will come up. For the restaurateurs, however, it is advisable to deliver the food to the customers directly rather than seeking help from any third-party delivery services. They might mishandle the food and this will lead to a very bad impression of the restaurant in front of the customers. Also, if the restaurant owners can deliver the food directly, they will be able to maintain a proper relationship with the customers. The restaurants should also have a proper website which will help the customers to know the exact delivery locations.

Quality of Food

Nowadays, customers have become very concerned about what they eat. They also make it a point to order their food from a good place. Hence, as a restaurateur, you need to make sure that you always sell quality food to your customers. Also, the restaurants are now using  words like natural, fresh, and organic on their menus. Also, they are making use of eco-friendly takeaway containers.

Online Ordering

Supermarkets are now a potential competitor for the restaurants, bakeries and bistros. They sell everything from  various types of meat to fishes and from bread to cakes. They are constantly trying to capture the interest of the customers who go there for normal shopping and sell them the ready-to-eat meals. In order to combat this competition, the restaurateurs are now emphasizing more on restaurant online ordering system. This has made them attract the attention of more customers who desire the comfort of ordering food through an app and receive the same at their doorsteps within a few minutes.

So, in case you are planning to open your all new food joint this year, it is imperative for you to keep these trends in mind to be successful. This will help you to stay ahead of your competitors as well. Just a few days of proper research, some good amount of planning and executing what’s there on your mind, will help you to become a promising restaurateur in the near future.

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