The younger generation is the most tech savvy one these days and they make use of the internet and smartphones for doing everything. From downloading books, being in touch with friends, to ordering clothes and food, all is now possible with just a click on the mouse. As per Marcus Higgins, Sales VP, EatStreet, The online ordering is growing almost 300% faster than the dine-in option.

Higgins said, “The reason consumers prefer online versus traditional (phone or in-person) orders is because it offers instant gratification. It’s all about being able to have the convenience to go online, look at a menu, look at the items you want and not have to wait for someone.” He is absolutely right here. With online ordering of food, order accuracy and easy payment structure also come hand-in-hand. Additionally, the restaurants can get benefitted with the ordering online process because the employees don’t get distracted by the constant phone calls.

So, what are the Top Trends in Online Ordering?

  • Loyalty Programs: These essentially increase the revenue per customer and also attract new customers to a restaurant. According to Higgins, “Businesses that run loyalty programs have a 20% lift of frequency of visitation and have on average a 7% lift on average ticket.” This makes customers come back to a restaurant more often.
  • Social Media: The restaurants these days have social media profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They update information on the pages on a regular basis and also promote their business through these sites. Social media is indeed a great way of driving revenue for the various food joints across the world.
  • Online Ordering: This has become one of the greatest weapons to attract customers in a short period of time. With the help of online ordering of food, customers can now enjoy the flexibility and convenience. The food gets delivered at their doorstep and they are more likely to order again from the restaurant within 60 days. This regularity can’t be promised in case of a walk-in customer.

So, every restaurateur must remember that in order to succeed, it is essential to embrace the changes that are happening at the business forefront. Both online ordering and in-store facilities have their own benefits. However, keeping in mind the advancements in the field of technology, online food ordering system seems to be taking the lead.

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