The businesses that deal with online ordering and delivery the system must create an app or website that not only offers user-friendly features but also ensure a safe and secure payment options for the customers. There are a host of payment gateway platforms available in the market but only a few come with a Guarantee of security.

According to a recent study, the most preferred payment options of the consumers are credit card (42%) followed by electronic payment system like PayPal (39%), debit vouchers (28%), Cash On Delivery (23%), bank transfers (20%), Mobile payments (14%), and others (21%).

Enlisted below are top three finance and payment gateway platforms that offer much more than just secured digital payment options.

1. PayPal

PayPal is an open online payment platform with more than 200 Million users in over 200 countries. Known to be one of the world’s largest Internet payment platforms, PayPal offers a suite of options that simplify digital payment system for the users. It allows the scalability of online transactions from their mobile phones, app or even in person. So whether the users are transferring funds or are receiving payments, PayPal assures the transaction is encrypted.

PayPal Express Checkout

This extension from the house of PayPal assures faster payment checkouts and the potential to increase conversions. The users do not need to enter every detail during each transaction and can directly pay with a few tap on their mobile phones.

2. Stripe

Stripe is also one of the leading digital payment platforms. It allows the customers to save and make payments with a single tap again using their credit cards. It is currently operational in over 25 countries. This platform is very flexible which accepts more than 135 types of currency and supports multiple payment modes. This platform prioritizes security by providing fraud prevention assistance.

Stripe Connect & Stripe Direct

With Stripe Connect, any businesses can make transactions to third parties. It offers a set of functionalities which supports various companies including multistore business, on-demand Marketing, e-commerce, crowdfunding, and many more. Stripe Direct is an extension which allows the users to their account for each company they get on the platform.

It is another excellent service provider of processing transaction 24/7. It offers affordable pricing choices with an array of value assign services aligned with your business requirements. Due to its competitive pricing options, small businesses count on it to facilitate online payment options for their customers. Like PayPal and Swipe, this platform to accepts credit cards, e-checks, and similar payment options. It is also known to offer assistance for fighting fraudulent practices and assures secure data storage.

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