The frontend features of online ordering software for restaurants are:

Choose Location:

Searching address with google maps – Using google maps technology, by putting the address or zip code, a user can find out which restaurants are able to deliver to his or her specified location.

  • Geolocation – Geolocation is just like that on google Maps and with only a single click, the system can detect the user location to find restaurants that can deliver the user.
  • Popular restaurants – This feature enables a user to find the most popular restaurants and order from them.
  • Advertisement – The special feature of the Advertisement section lets you set time in seconds to rotate and city can be set as well where you wish the Add to appear.
  • Facebook Like Box – This is a fantastic feature that lets your clients LIKE your Fan Page. This is a smart way to connect with your clients.
  • How it works box – By editing “How it works image”, you can display your site to the users. You are free to add video as well.
  • Latest Orders – This feature lets the users see what others order, the recent orders on the homepage. As they see activity from other users, they get motivated to order more and thus sales increase.

Pickup Restaurant:

  • Ajax Search Filter – This feature will let the users detect a word as soon as they start typing out the word.
  • Ajax fast Filters by Category – This incredibly fast filter is ideal when a user wants to find out the restaurants very fast.
  • Restaurants or Businesses Listing – This listing contains everything from a business category to logo, ratings, payment methods and delivery cost. The Open/Closed Restaurants on display will allow the users to click on open restaurants only and also when closed restaurants will open.

Restaurant Page for choosing products and placing orders:

  • Restaurant direct URLs for access – The own URL of a restaurant is an important feature which allows users to have easy access to them.
  • Ajax Search Filter – This system lets the users detect a word and the products as soon as they start typing out the letters.
  • Ajax fast Filters by Category – This is an incredibly fast filter that finds out what a user wants, very fast.
  • Products Listing – This feature enables or disables ingredients or extras easily, be it with or without extra prices. As extras with prices are added up, cart price will update the new price.
  • Ajax Cart – Once the user adds on to cart products, it gets showed up on the right side automatically. Products or dishes can be deleted or taxes applied on the items can be visible.
  • See business reviews – This bears Toggle content; using click edit button, the text can be edited.
  • Title for every category on menu listing – This feature makes it more user-friendly by including items that specify category like drinks, healthy food, etc.
  • Click and see what you want – This is of great help to the users; as they click on a particular category like drinks, they can see only drinks.

One Page Checkout:

  • Order Summary – Using this feature, the users can edit anything added on cart, go for group ordering or put special notes to products or add special comment on order.
  • Delivery Details – The users input their name, address and neighbourhood; they get emails on order placed and updated information on status of orders.
  • Payment Methods – Mode of payment can be Cash or card on delivery or Paypal.
  • Taxes and tips for driver – The taxes feature and also tips for the driver on the checkout makes the job easy for users.

Confirmation Screen:

  • Order share with sharethis plugin – Using this feature, the users can share their order with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Social media can have tremendous influence on your business.

The backend features of online ordering software for restaurants are:

The online ordering software for restaurants comes with excellent backend features offering various levels of access. The restaurants can have complete control on their sites and see or edit everything on the site. First level of access lets you edit one or multiple restaurants in a city and manage them all. Second level of access lets you manage and edit one or multiple cities. The third level of access lets you have full control on everything. Let’s take a look at the features:

A fast and easy set up – Easy and fast upload takes 500% less time and thus a huge amount of time is saved in uploading information regarding your restaurants.

  • Start Dashboard – User-friendly dashboard lets the users get information easily. The dashboard is quite informative with sales appearing in categories like “Today”, “Week” and “Year”. On the top, number of sales, revenue and more can be seen.

Restaurants Manager:

  • Create, Edit or Delete restaurant – You can create, edit or delete a large number of restaurants, there is no risk of system crash. You can create
  • Enable/Disable Restaurant with single click – With a single click, you can enable or disable a restaurant; this is especially useful when you keep a restaurant closed for a day; no editing or deleting is required.
  • Unique URL for restaurant – A unique URL for your restaurant will let the users get access to your restaurant easily and directly.

Restaurant Creation or Edition:

  • Basic information – All information regarding your business, including name, address, neighbourhood, zip code, mobile number and accept credit cards. Special features include min purchase amount, open days, categories, email, PayPal email, Logo and delivery zones.
  • Open/Close Business hours by day – It is easy to set flexible opening times by day; this option offers great flexibility and you can configure crazy working hours too.
  • Menus – Catalogs – Now restaurants do not need to worry if you have multiple menus. You can create various menus or catalogs; like one menu during morning, one in the afternoon or one in the night. You have the facility to set time to specify when you would like to show a menu during definite time of the day.
  • Products – Regarding products, you are able to offer which users would love to have. You can upload them with “extras” or optional “ingredients”. Using the system you can create, edit, activate or deactivate or delete product or dish, add image or specify product price.
  • Product Extras – Using the software you can have full control on product extras and users can order extra to their product easily.

Email: The order contains all information like name, last name, phone-number, email, address, postal code, country, city, payment method and other details like ingredients, products, extras, price and total.

With order manager you can find and manage order easily and quickly and User Profile Editor allows the users edit their own profiles.

The frontend and backend features of online ordering software for restaurants allow all to have a great experience.

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