“200,000 USD Raised in Seed Funding”

That’s right, we just landed $200,000 thousand dollars in our first round of funding, lifting the company’s valuation to some $4 million.

We, Alonso D. Alvarez Pulido and Sergio Arturo Ortiz Khoury built OrderingOnlineSystem in 2012 to help other entrepreneurs to start a business like ours (www.OrdenaFacil.com) but adapting it for world wide market requirements, then we noticed that there were a lot more people out there wanting to use the same features as the big companies like JustEat, Grubhub, Delivery.com and some others. Some of our customers even used our system for a completely different goal than we expected and this whole experience motivated us to keep going and growing. We realized that all of our customers had bigger and different needs from all around the world, so we went a step further and we started developing Add-ons for them, so we concentrated us on developing new features for the script during 2013.

We are entrepreneurs too, we know what it takes to start a successful business!

Our plan for 2014 is to be the best script of it´s type in the whole web. Our most important goal is to deliver an excellent product, give the trust, support and stability needed so the business of our customers can succeed and offer them a full integral round service in case they need extra development and customization for their our particular system.

I´m very glad that you are visiting us and i´m sure that if you are reading you are a ENTREPRENEUR too!



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