Restaurant online ordering software from Ordering Online System comes with a number of user features – frontend features and backend features. A detailed understanding of these features will make you understand the functionality of this software and let you know how user-friendly it is. Let’s have a glance at the frontend features of this ordering software:

Step I. Home Page: Select Location

  • Search address integrating google maps > Here an user can put his or her address or zip code and using google maps technology can find out exactly which restaurants or businesses are able to deliver to his or her exact location.
  • Geolocation with single click of the user > With geolocation just like on google Maps, the system is able to detect the exact location of the user to proceed and show restaurants or businesses that can deliver the users.
  • Most popular restaurants > Using this feature, the customers can order from the best and the most popular restaurants.
  • Advertisement > Configured on backend, the Ads come up with the feature where time can be set in seconds to rotate and city too can be set where you want your Ad to appear.
  • Facebook Like Box > This feature gives you the chance to connect with your clients where they can LIKE your Fan Page.
  • How it works box > You are free to edit the “How it works image” and show your users your site. Being an open source, you can add video as well.
  • Recent Orders > People like to see watching what others order. This feature lets users see the recent orders on the homepage. Activity from other users, make them motivated and thus results in increased sales.

Step II. Pickup Restaurant:

  • Ajax Search Filter> As you start typing the letters, the system will detect the word. For example, as you put Don, the system will detect it as “Mc Donald’s”.
  • Ajax fast Filters by Category> This is a very fast filter that finds out what you want – very fast. This is absolutely perfect when you want to find the businesses or restaurants fast.
  • Restaurants or Businesses Listing> From Business logo to Category to Payment methods to delivery cost to ratings, this listing shows everything that a user wants. It also shows Open/Closed Restaurants or Businesses, allows only open restaurants to click and when the closed restaurants will open.

Step III. Restaurant Page – Choose Products – Place Order:

  • Restaurant or business direct URLs to access> The business or restaurant, having their own URL is the most important feature which lets the users get easy access to them.
  • Ajax Search Filter: As you start typing the letters, the system will detect it. For example as you type “pizza”, the system will detect the products that contain pizza in it, like “pepperoni pizza”.
  • Ajax fast Filters by Category> Very fast filter that finds out what you want, very fast.
  • Products Listing> Using this feature, the users can easily enable or disable ingredients or extras with or without extra prices. The cart prices will update the new price automatically as extras with prices added.
  • Ajax Cart > As the user adds to cart products, they show automatically on the right side. Dishes or products can be deleted; taxes applied to the items can be seen as well.
  • See business reviews > This contains Toggle content; this text can be edited using click edit button.
  • Title for each category on menu listing > To make it more user-friendly, some titles have been included that specify category like drinks, mexican food, healthy food, etc.
  • What you click is what you see> By clicking on the category like drinks, you can get to see only drinks. This is of great help to the users.

Step IV. One Page Checkout:

  • Order Summary> The users are allowed to edit anything added on cart, do group ordering and add special notes to each product and add special comment to full order.
  • Delivery Details: The users can input name, address and neighbourhood; they will get emails on order placed and updated status of orders. Users are free to enable or disable sms. Referer option lets you know how your user knows about you.
  • Payment Methods: Users can choose mode of payment from Cash or card on delivery and Paypal.
  • Taxes and tips for driver> This feature includes tax on the shopping cart and tips for the driver on the checkout.

Step V. Confirmation Screen:

  • Order share with sharethis plugin> This feature lets the users share their order with friends on Twitter and Facebook. This is sure to create a tremendous effect on your business.

Restaurant online ordering system and software from Ordering Online System thus ensure the users a better experience while ordering online and at the same time ensure a business higher sales and profits.

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