In cooperation with a 3rd party-company we developed our SMS Add-on with a reliable provider for this service, its name is Twilio.

This is Add-on is one of the most loved Add-ons by our customers.

The features that the existing businesses on the system are following:

  • Restaurants can choose in their business setting if they want to receive a SMS notification when they get an order
  • They can insert a special number only for the SMS service and can be different from the official number of the business
  • Super admin can set up and link the Twilio account in the back end

The features for the front-end users are following:

  • User can insert his cellphone on checkout
  • Check box for activating SMS notification service for user

The prices for each SMS have to be paid separately and you can check the international rates according to each country here.

SMS – New Order sms

This SMS can be configured to be sent to the customer and to the restaurant.

SMS – Status change sms

Everytime there’s an update on the user’s order, an SMS can be sent to the client.

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