It’s great that you want your business to have its extension virtually as well. So, you have set up an online ordering system to make things easier for your customers. Good thinking! But does it work well enough to boost your sales up? Are you satisfied by the way your virtual ordering software is working? If not, then you might need to be aware of some tricks of the trade that can lend a helping hand in increasing your customer base. To imply these trade secrets, you would need to understand the psyche of the customers.

Many a times, customers search for a product online, arrive at a price that seems suitable for them; yet do not buy the product. The main factor that restricts them to go ahead and make the purchase is their inability to trust the business.

You would definitely not want your potential customers to have such an impression about you, so try to make their purchasing process as smooth as possible. The two major aspects that can definitely boost your number of orders are trust and accessibility. If you gain these, nothing can stop your online business from becoming popular.

So, provide your contact numbers in your online ordering software to impart a feeling of safety and security to your customers. It is only when customers understand that there are real people behind the website who can be accessed any time, they feel safe and secure for placing their order online. You can also add your fax number to the ordering software to make it smooth and easy for your customers to reach you one way or the other. Just play the number game wisely and you can soon secure a lot of orders.

Lot of people get nervous when they have to enter their credit card numbers online. On the contrary, they would prefer placing orders over phone. In case you are busy and not able to attend calls, you can hire an 800 number service and set up an arrangement to answer calls on behalf of you and eventually, take the order.

Simply, when a customer comes to the ordering section of your software, they are directed to use the toll-free numbers to call and place their order. Don’t let a phone call keep you away from gaining and increasing sales with your ordering system over the internet. Plainly, by adopting these small changes you can increase your sale and customer base to a vast extent.

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