Looking for a system that can do the same as Seamless.com?

Acquired by Grubhub – SeamlessWeb is a web-based food ordering system that links companies and individuals with local restaurants, caterers and onsite dining providers.

This company was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing companies, customers, and restaurants with an efficient and cost-effective method of purchasing and accounting for food. Since then, SeamlessWeb has become the industry leader in online food ordering, processing almost 1.5 million orders per month, and now services over 3,500 clients, 3,000 restaurant partners and over 500,000 individual users in cities throughout the U.S. and London.

Now Seamless is estimated to be 100 million dollars worth, so are you ready to start your own business like this? Keep reading!

As the first and very important step, you will have to find the right system that can offer the same features that Seamless.com offers its users.

We personally recommend you to look at the following comparison, so you understand how the script of OrderingOnlineSystem.com can help you.

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