Two products to start your business & gain profit right away

Ordering Website

Allows consumers to place orders from different stores in a single site

Ordering Online System | Ordering Website
Perfect platform to host several businesses. Users will be able to purchase from different stores in a single website.
Geolocation allows users to find nearby stores and order products to their address.
Anything can be sold on your Ordering Website. Food, groceries, laundry services, autoparts… You name it!
Clean design and intuitive interface provide users a delightful purchasing experience.

Hover the "+" & have fun.

Ordering Editor

Allows store admins to manage store's content and orders in real time

Ordering Editor allows store owners/admins to manage store-related data and orders in real time.
With drag & drop features and an intuitive interface, setting up an online store has never been easier!
Easily and intuitively manage store’s product catalogue.
Several payment methods supported. Such as PayPal and Stripe, among others.
Receive new orders and track order status, right from one a screen.

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