Why should I buy OrderingOnlineSystem and not another system?

When you buy OrderingOnlineSystem we will help you succeed.

Our main vision since 2015 is one: Help our customers succeed.

With our company is just as if you had an in house development team that would cost you a few thousand dollars each month + all the time used on project management.

We know you are going serious with this new business. Would you trust just another company? or would you trust better a company (us) with over $300,000 usd of investment, an amazing software with more than 175,000 lines and over $10,000 usd on development every month to bring you always the best features and updates for your business :-).

What can OrderingOnlineSystem do for me?

The short answer…. pretty much anything. We’ve been building ordering websites for the last 3 years, we’re pretty good. Our software is packed with features from top to bottom. If you need something, most likely we’ve already coded it and added it to the main release.

What are the advantages of purchasing the Enterprise version compared to the open source?

1.- Free updates: You will get a lot of additional features.
2.- Free support on Enterprise vs Open Source version 60 days of support.
3.- Our servers are perfectly designed for the best performance of the software, with servers in USA, EUROPE and ASIA for high speed goals.
4.- Premium admin panel is only available on our Lite and Enterprise plans.
5.- Mobile management suite is only available on our Lite and Enterprise plans.

How much can I modify and how well can I customize on the enterprise version?

You can modify 100% of all your features yourself and any developer. All looks are also editable and changeable, the fact that we protect our software does not mean that we are going to take away flexibility out of you. We understand how important is too to get the perfect platform according to your needs.

Why is the enterprise version not a 1-time-payment software?

We are interested in developing our script further like we have done in the last 2 years. We are completely sure that with the payments we get, we will be able to offer always an updated innovating solution like we have done in the past 2 years and this brings a great advantage to all of our valuable customers. Is just as if you had a team working for your technology everyday for a really small price.

What will happen with my site if some other company acquires OrderingOnlineSystem?

The most common thing that could happen is that we will continue providing our amazing services with even more power.

If we were about to close our services, which is quite impossible according to the investment we have gotten and our compromise with all of the people that has trusted us, we would inform you about this, transfer the site to your servers for free and say goodbye with some tears on our eyes. Believe us, it is not fun at all hurting our customers and if we were about to go out of the market, we believe, we could count with your loyalty as a customer if we behave as gentleman and good businessmen until the very first end of our days.

What about the database, because my database is the most important value of my company, are you going to steal it?

“Don’t be evil” is the formal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google and we follow this same motto for OrderingOnlineSystem. We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served.

We are not interested on stealing your information, we are more interested in being your supplier of technology, we believe we can grow a lot faster and have a bigger revenue being the development house of thousand of companies world wide than having a couple of restaurants.

Plus, if you have the feeling that you can not trust us, which is very sad, we can always sign a contract that your database only belongs to you.

Can any developer or development agency and designer work on that the code that you are giving to me, is it easy to understand?

For developer and designers that understand HTML, CSS, PHP & JAVASCRIPT that will not be a problem, anyways on the enterprise support package, you have full access to the knowledge of our developers, so if they have problems finding anything then we will be able to answer with specific information of the line of the code and the name of the file so you have no problems at all modify anything as you want.

How will I get access to the the code and database on the Enterprise and Lite editions?

We will send you the most common access to a server (ftp access) and instructions so you can manage your site with any ftp manager such as Filezilla. You will also get a link to a Postgresql database manager and the details to configure your database on a windows or mac database client if you want.

Is OrderingOnlineSystem available in other languages and is it multilanguage?

Yes :-). Our system works with any language. It has already been tested and it works perfectly.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. We also accept paypal, Bank transfers and money orders with moneygram and western union.

Can I cancel any time?

No problems at all. We don’t offer refunds but you can cancel your renewal and you can continue using our system until the end of your period.

How can I cancel my account?

You would only need to fill out this form.

Is OrderingOnlineSystem secure?

Yes it is :-). We used the latest technology to provide the best security. Our system is not based on any framework, this provides even a higher level of security, because everything is coded using pure php (this means all the code has been written by us).

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