Ordering Editor

Management solution for your Ordering Website.

Ordering Editor

Management solution for your Ordering Website.

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Drag & drop feature and instant updates

Thanks to Ordering Editor's ease of use, the creation and cusomization of stores is an incredibly simple and fast task to perform.
Just drag & drop it, that's it, instant updates.

With drag & drop features and an intuitive interface, running your Ordering Website has never been easier!

Click n' play

Ordering Editor is your Ordering Website's perfect companion

Manage stores, business information, admin credentials, product catalog, payment methods, orders & much more. All in a single site.

With drag & drop features and an intuitive interface, running your Ordering Website has never been easier!

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Online Store Management

Ordering Editor - Online Store Listing
Store administration

Manage the stores in your platform. Enable, edit or delete them as needed.

Ordering Editor - Online Business Creation
Business creation

Create businesses as needed; each with its own branding, custom information and product catalog.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Business General Settings
Store settings

Define each store's general information, product menus, delivery zones, payment methods and much more!

Ordering Editor - Online Store Map Location
Business location

Pin-point business location to let customers know where each store is located. And plan delivery zones accordingly.

Orders manager

Allows store owners to keep track of all the orders in a single site.

See order details, change order status, assign orders to drivers, and more!

Ordering Editor - Online Store Order Management
Visualize & manage all orders in a single screen.
Apply filters based on business, city or status, and make sure you always have the information you need.
Change order status, assign orders to drivers and keep track of orders.
Look at order details and keep track of their status.
Ordering Editor - Online Store Drag & Drop Feature
Drag & drop

Super user-friendly interface allowing store admins to customize images and information through an intuitive drag & drop approach.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Category Management
Category management

Set up product categories as needed.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Product Management
Product catalog administration

Define each product's name, description, image and price.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Product Management Settings
Product details

Define detailed information: such as ingredients/components and all product variants.

Delivery Zones

Define your delivery areas. Allowing you to delimit your areas of influence, specifying minimum order amount and/or delivery fares for each one of them.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Zone Delivery Settings
Easily define delivery areas using a polygon tool.
Add as many delivery areas as needed.
Ordering Editor - Online Store General Settings
Website settings

Set up the general settings of your platform. Define different languages, integrations with external tools and/or your existing website. Also, manage user credentials (store owner, admin, manager), drivers information and much more.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Extensions Integration

Define a custom slug for your Ordering Platform and embed it in any website.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Payment Methods
Payment methods

Offer end consumers any payment method they want, thanks to a variety of payment gateways available.

Ordering Editor - Online Store Order Notifications

Define email address and/or phone number to get notified when new orders are placed. Link to GPRS printers and streamline order processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own domain for my Ordering Website?
Definitely. Your Ordering Website can be set up with a domain of your property.
How long does it takes for me to see the changes on the website?
All the changes that are made in the Ordering Editor show immediately after you've done them. The changes are instantaneous.
What if my Ordering Website is not showing the most recent updates I've done in the Editor?
This may be due to the information of the previous version of the site being stored in your browser's cache. Please clear your cache or use incognito mode to look at the most recent updates in your site.
Where can I customize my site's homepage?
You have to enter your Ordering Builder, from there, you can customize your site's homepage. Go directly to the images section to edit background, logos, and more images.
Is there a limit to the amount of users/admins my Ordering Editor can have?
There is no limit, you can have as many as you need.
Does my Ordering Editor allow any kind of business?
Yes. Your Ordering Website supports all types of businesses.
Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you!
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