Not only for restaurants but for any business offering any kind of products, online ordering software is an effective way to leverage sales and profitability. The software for ordering have changed the way a product was ordered and made the process fast, easy and convenient. The online ordering software are designed to and engineered specifically to let the restaurants and other businesses function with more speed and effectiveness by making use of the advanced technology.

The online ordering systems are quite simple and easy to implement and by including online ordering software in its services, a business offers convenience to its customers in several ways. Such ordering software can be the major reason behind the popularity and increased sales of the restaurant or any business.

Before online ordering system came in the scene, a significant time was used over the phone taking orders from customers and address data. Prior to using online ordering software total time used for one order is approximately 10-15 minutes. Firstly, 5 to 7 minutes are required for the customer to place the call to provide the items he or she would like to order, phone number, address and mode of payment.

Then, in case of delivery dispatcher, it will take another 3-5 minutes to call the restaurant or a business with the details of orders and pick up time. Again, 3 more minutes are spent as the dispatcher contacts the driver with order details including pickup time, customer address and the delivery fee to charge.

On the other hand, with online ordering software it takes only 1- 2 minutes for one order for the dispatcher. Here, the customer places the order along with order details, payment method and address. The ordering system confirms the phone number of the customer automatically and makes sure that it is correct so that the delivery driver can contact him or her as and when required.

The delivery dispatcher receives an email, the copy of which is either emailed or faxed automatically. The system sends an automated call to the restaurant or other business to make them aware of the new order. The business then calls the delivery company. Within one minute, the delivery service gets a call to arrange for a pick up time and then the order is forwarded to the driver by the dispatcher and a short text is sent about the order in another 1 minute. Thus the total time in processing an order is reduced significantly allowing the business delivery service or restaurant delivery service process more and more orders per hour.

Apart from these, online orders come with some added benefits too. As the customers have more time to browse over the items they wish to order, they are tempted to add more items. Online ordering software also highly reduces the language barrier between the customers, the dispatcher and the business. To add to this, for the business, the work flow becomes less interrupted as the order can be reviewed easily when it is more convenient.

We, at Ordering Online System create online ordering software and system that is the best possible system for a restaurant or any other businesses offering products to help it to leverage its sales and profits.

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