Ideal design for any device!

Millions of users have mobile phones and tablets and your website should be able to adapt. That´s why we developed the mobile  version of OOS. It can be adapted to any screen size  without using an App for a specific model of a mobile device.

“…Let your customers order from any mobile device with a very nice and friendly design!… MOBILE VERSION FOR YOU”

It is not only professional but it is also proved that this increases you sales because customers don´t have to struggle with your website on the desktop version while they are surfing with their mobile devices.

“…You don´t need to offer an App for a specific system, we offer automatic detection….”

It´s always expensive and a big mess to try developing applications for a specific device or system, with this module users can access your website and the design will change automatically.

Device recognition
If it is a mobile device or a table the system will know and change size immediately.

Increase your sales

Letting customers buy in a more comfortable way will give you positive results on your sales.

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