When you have online ordering script for restaurant or other businesses, then you can make it work all the more efficiently for you by integrating it with your own model of GPRS/SMS remote printer. The online ordering script from Ordering Online Software is attuned to work with a printer and lets you manage your business in a much more convenient and easy way.

We, at Ordering Online System offer you a system that makes use of the same technology used by the leading players in online food ordering market and by the famous name, Justeat. As you integrate your online food ordering software with GPRS/SMS remote printer, it lets you receive a two-way confirmation.

As soon as the order is received by the by the restaurant or business, the printer announces the order with a beeping sound and the order can be confirmed or rejected directly by pressing a button. As soon as you do this, the status of order on your system will get changed and an email will be sent to the user confirming the order and delivery time. It is simply amazing, isn’t it?

As you use the script from Ordering Online System, you do not need any special kind of printer or get one new – you can easily integrate your own model of GPRS/SMS remote printer and suing our ordering script, get your orders directly to the printer. On the printer itself, you can decide how the order will be taken care of – whether it will be confirmed or cancelled. And for this, you printer needs to answer through internet (GPRS) or through SMS to the script (website).

At Ordering Online System, we offer you the opportunity of getting a site that comes with Just Eat functionality. Customers place orders online; the order gets transferred to the correct terminal in restaurant; the GSM style terminal for taking payment and printing all order details. Now, the restaurant has the options to accept or refuse the order before processing the transaction; it is even possible to configure the estimated delivery.

So, when you are using an online ordering system from Ordering Online System, you can get your gprs sms printer work today only. Printers are available with a number of printer providers and prices are affordable as well.

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