Delivery service is indeed a vital part of business for a restaurant. Setting up a wrong delivery area can result in losing money rather than raising a profit for many. Therefore, when you have a food delivery business, it is important to set up a delivery area.

When your food is delicious and you want people to get enough of it, you need to make sure of setting a delivery area inside your food ordering system so that your customers find it easy to know the zones where the food delivery facility is available. By defining the delivery area clearly, you can stay atop of the preference of your customers and find nice profit in the process.

We, at Ordering Online System let you set up your delivery options in your online ordering system with Google Maps. Installing this feature in your script, you do not need to use postal codes anymore, simply set up a delivery area for your restaurant or any other business with Google Maps.

With the script from Ordering Online System, you will not be disappointed. It will let you do everything that you have ever wished. The hassles of postal codes and delivery codes are over with this feature. It is simple and easy. What you have to do is only clicking and setting the delivery area for your restaurant on a map and the job is done. What more, you can even set the price per delivery zone.

The online food delivery system or script from Ordering Online System lets you take the advantage of Google maps to set the specific area on the map to inform the system which specific areas it is allowed to deliver to the users. Simply draw the zone delivery map and make it all the more convenient for your customers.

This feature will also function to detect if a user is within the delivery zone of your restaurant.  As soon as the user enters data with the new Geo-location function, the system detects the position of the user and shows whether your restaurant or business can deliver to the user’s location.

At Ordering Online System, we aim at offering you the best Online Ordering System for your restaurant or other businesses. Try the latest features and let your business prosper.

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