Online ordering software from Ordering Online System comes with excellent backend features providing three levels of access. The restaurants are allowed to have full control on their sites and have right to access to see or edit everything that is taking place on his or her business site. With first level of access – Restaurant or business, you are allowed to edit one or multiple restaurants in different locations within a city and manage them all and all the restaurants will appear in your panel. The second level of access – the city admin lets you edit and manage one or multiple cities, when you have restaurants in multiple cities. You are able to manage them all and in your panel all the cities will show. With the third level of access – the Super Admin, you have full control on everything.

Let’s take a look at the features for Restaurant/Business, City Admin and Super Admin access:

A fast and easy business set up: It takes 500% less time for uploading data to your system and comes with full multi-vendor capabilities. Easy and fast upload saves a huge amount of time while uploading information of your restaurants.

Start Dashboard: An easy to use dashboard lets the users find the options in an easy way. For each of the levels, Business/Restaurant, City-admin and Super-admin, the dashboard proves to be great and quite informative with sales out in various categories like “Today”, “Week” and “Year”. Added advantage is the number of sales, revenue and much more are visible on the top.

Restaurants or Businesses Manager:

  • Create, Edit or Delete restaurant or business > You are able to create limitless numbers of restaurants or businesses; there is no risk of system crash. You are free to edit anything on any business and delete if any restaurant is closed forever. With city admin access, you can see and manage all restaurants or businesses from assigned city or cities. Super Admin access lets you manage all restaurants and businesses on the system.
  • Enable/Disable Restaurant or Business with single click > It takes only one click to enable or disable a restaurant when your restaurant is closed for a day due to some reason or the other and it requires no editing or deleting.
  • Unique URL to show restaurant or business > The restaurant or business link will promote your site. A unique URL will let the user get access to the restaurant or business directly.

Restaurant or Business Creation or Edition:

  • Business basic information > It is easy and simple to provide comprehensive information about your business including name, address, zip code, neighbourhood, mobile telephone number and accept credit cards(on client address). Special features include phone number, min purchase amount, email, PayPal email, open days, categories, Logo and delivery zones.
  • Open/Close Business hours by day > You can configure flexible opening times by day. Set the opening times per day, any crazy working hours too is configurable letting you have great flexibility.
  • Menus – Catalogs (Multiple menus per business?) > No more worries if you want\to keep more than one menu per restaurant per day – you can create different menus or catalogs. May be you are offering one menu in the morning with breakfast and another one in the afternoon. You can set time to show; specify if you want to show a menu in a certain time of the day. Setting menu times, you can offer something different in the night time that what you offer in the morning.
  • Repeat products on various menus > You won’t have to create repeated products for single menu, simply start typing and choose previously created products.
  • Products > When it is about products, it will make your life easier by offering something that users would just love. You are able to upload products with “extras” or optional “ingredients” with specific cost. The system lets you create, edit or delete product or dish, activate or deactivate product or dish, add description to be displayed on the front end. You can add image and specify product price.
  • Product Extras > You can have full control of products with Tag system for the extras, free or with price. The software allows full control of product extras and users are able to order extra to their product.

Email, new order email: All the information like name, last name, address, postal code, email, country, city, phone-number, payment method along with other details like products, ingredients, extras, price, total are available on an order.

Order Manager lets you find and manage order fast and easily while User Profile Editor lets each user edit his or her own profile.

The backend features of online ordering software let you experience the best of everything that online ordering software can provide.

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