To boost the sales and revenue, Ordering Online System has various Add-ons to be used with the system.

Mercado Pago Payment: This is quite a beneficial Add-on and all the more useful when you are going to operate in Latin America. You cannot make use of Paypal in Latin America as it is not accepted there. Therefore, Mercado Pago Payment gateway is of huge help over there. This Add-on comes with a lot of beneficial features. Each business is free to set up its own account. You can also have a single account for all the restaurants so that all the money goes to the same account.  On check out, users can choose the Mercado Pago Payment gateway.

Reviews Addon: The new Add-on for restaurant online ordering system will let the users get reviews on businesses or restaurants. As a user places an order, he or she gets an E-mail inviting him or her to review the restaurant. This E-mail for reviewing the restaurant is sent only after the order gets confirmed or completed. The review can be seen by clicking on four various aspects of the restaurant with star. On each menu of the restaurant, the stars of restaurant are displayed; while 1 star is minimum, 5 stars are maximum.  Reviews Addon also have certain special features – users are allowed to comment with Facebook and provide opinions and thoughts about the restaurant which will be shared on their Facebook walls. Comments may be administrated or if wanted can be deleted by the Facebook App admin.

WORDPRESS ADDON: WORDPRESS Add-on is one of the best and most useful Add-ons which will save you from using complicated HTML software for creating the static content pages of the script. Thousands of free and paid plug-ins will let you have all the facilities of WordPress. The static content means those pages which are linked from the footer like About Us, Blog, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, FAQ and others.

It also has a mobile responsive version which can be connected to your Android App or iPhone. Now what you need to do is simply going to the admin panel of WordPress system, create a page, modify the text and it is done. Modifying the content and designing of your content is done right there. It is also easy to modify your WordPress Add logo and footer links and that too without having to struggle for changing any code. The WORDPRESS Add-on comes with excellent features – it is easy to install, gives easy way to change looks and easy way to change links on footer and all power of all plug-ins existing in WordPress. The best part is it offers a fast and easy way of static content change of your pages. Being user friendly, users are able to read easily.

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