Are you tired of placing food orders over the phone and bored of holding the line till an executive comes to take your order? Do you fear that the order you place will be misunderstood because of problems in the telephone line? If yes, then it is time to make the switch and opt for placing food orders online.

Ordering Online System makes sure to give your clients a seamless experience when browsing your restaurant website. This might be a tough challenge for a developer but they have expert skills and years of industry experience to overwhelm clients. Designing one such website seems like a challenge because they are not just aiming to highlight the food but also promoting the vibe and the environment of the restaurant. All this, when executed successfully, makes the sale happen which is important for the restaurant to prosper.

The responsiveness and the flexibility of the restaurant websites completely depend on the developer and the requirements restaurant owners place. But it is important to note that the ability to respond to customers swiftly and the flexibility are the determining factors to get more orders. As an ambitious restaurant owner, do you wish to have a restaurant developing platform as promising and effective as or Then let us assure you that Ordering Online System is no less and is the right choice for you. We are here to give stiff competition to our competitors and a run for their money. The mobile version of this system is easily available on iPhones and Android smartphones increasing the user base extensively.

At Ordering Online System we are ready to deploy the right clone script that allows customers to:
• Select a restaurant of their choice
• Place online food order and dispatch the payment
• Accept the food the delivery processes
• Enjoy the overall experience

Responsive Design

The responsive design is the most attractive feature that drives home customers and traffic. This is the biggest indicator that the restaurant is enjoying sales and pumped up revenue. In fact, it is this design that makes the user experience smooth and easy.

• Email Order – Social media is an instrumental tool that helps in bringing more customers because it does an impressive job of promoting your restaurant. Allow various social media profiles to push customers to place their food orders through social media.

• Detailed Menu List – Statistics and research have revealed that people rely on social media more than the search engines when it comes to looking for restaurants. Facebook is considered to be more reliable when it comes to finding good restaurants where they accept online food ordering.

• Domain Name and Hosting – Designing a flexible and user-friendly website is essential and for that the right tools need to be used and the social networking needs to be precise.

Ordering Online System gives customers the choice to choose from a plethora of restaurants for them to select the one they prefer the most. The ease of having options is a comfort that we offer so that the food creates the best of memories.

“…Some people call it – / clone we call it OOS –…”


Creating a  platform for a restaurant website can be very challenging for a developer because there is not a single product to sell or show and they have to promote the real feeling of the restaurant’s environment as well. Also, the responsiveness and flexibility of restaurant websites have become the most distinguishing factor in getting orders. Are you in the process of developing a restaurants platform like or, then ordering online system will be the right choice because it gives you all the possibilities that a script and clone of or would give you! And the incredible fact is that you have a mobile version and a iPhone and android app!

“…OOS has a iPhone App and Android App and even a responsive version of the site…”

“…OOS has Credit card payment through Paypal..”

“…OOS has SMS notifications”

“…OOS is the right solution for you. Get your platform running in minutes. The best system on the web…” clone – Script – clone clone – Script – clone – Script – clone

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