In this tech-driven world, we are all well aware of the importance of technology in accelerating business and growth. For the food industry, this means incorporating latest technical trends and installing food ordering software for providing the best services to customers. However, this does not mean that creating a restaurant website which is just mobile responsive is enough. Rather a lot of technical trends need to be followed, among which incorporating the online food ordering system is one.

Potential customers using mobile phones and browsing restaurant websites through Smartphones have been on the rise. Let’s take a look at the statistics that hint on the increasing use of mobile in the restaurant industry.

  • One in every four customers has a minimum of one restaurant-specific mobile app on mobile phones.
  • There are customers who dine out eight to ten times every week and more than two-thirds of them use a restaurant-specific mobile app.
  • More than 35% of customers place their food order online via their mobile phones.
  • Customers belonging to the age bracket of 25-34 are considered to be the biggest group searching for restaurants on their phones.

These are some of the important statistics that need to be kept in mind when restaurant managers plan to incorporate the online food ordering software. With the help of online ordering system several patterns, traits and habits can be traced. When incorporating the software, it is important to take note of these patterns and work around that to get the best results.

Provides the Right Insights – With the help of mobile ordering customers get the right information on restaurants. Be it the names of the dishes, the exact prices and the available discounts. These are essential information that customers need.

Gives More Orders than Phone Order – Restaurant managers need to know that with time the percentage of online food orders will surpass the percentage of phone orders. This implies that the software needs to be extremely functional to be able to support customer usage.

Provides Repeat Customers – Repeat customers is the biggest validation that your restaurant needs. With the number of repeat customers on your side, it is best to say that the restaurant business is doing well thanks to online food ordering.

Increases Customer Loyalty – Online food ordering system is completely customer-driven because the main purpose is to make food ordering easy. Improving on the customer’s loyalty base helps because it adds value to the restaurant. Building on the customer base is important and that can be achieved with the help of an online food ordering software.

These are traits that follow when online ordering is initiated in restaurants. Managers and entrepreneurs need to take care that the other essentials bordering around online food ordering are well taken care of.

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