Almost every business has realized the value of online presence. Techniques concerning internet marketing have been implemented only to bring more traffic and the first step in this process is developing a website. Whether it is a small eatery, bistro or a restaurant, website should always be an integral part of its marketing plan to attract customers. Design and information should be perfect and crisp but apart from that there are few essential elements that can be considered as “must have” for any restaurant website. So, here is a list of features that can help you to maximize recognition of the business.

  • You are going online, so why not allow your customers know about your services? An online menu is always welcome by customers who are visiting your restaurant website. But do not just give the names; include the prices along with an enticing image of the preparation.  The intention is to make your menu accessible all the time. There are many restaurants that upload a PDF copy of their menu, which actually doesn’t help your website to gain more visibility because this format doesn’t offer any SEO benefits. So, update the menu from time to time and inform the customers about the latest promotions and offer through the website.
  • Zone delivery map will be the next essential feature that must be integrated in your website.  This will help your customers to find you easily, no matter which part of the city you are. This even helps you to inform location of other branches of you restaurant and the easiest as well as the quickest routes to reach. Embedding a Google Map to your website, this is crucial for indexing in the search engine. The map allows you to punch in your start and end destination; then get a clear view of the route with right direction. Maps are these are more effective than simply writing down the address attracting not only old customers but new ones as well.
  • Photo gallery of your restaurant along with the images of your delicacies is something that must not be avoided. Customers may be interested about the look of the place as well as the food that is prepared. So, hire a professional photographer and ask them to capture the ambience of the restaurant and display the photos in the gallery of the website.

Apart from these, you must also try to integrate reservation software, enhance mobile accessibility to expand restaurant reach to make your restaurant business a successful one.

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