For a restaurant business to thrive and grow it needs to offer something extra than mere good quality food. They need to offer a “service” that customers cannot refuse. Today’s food lovers are more interested in gourmet food items that can be enjoyed from the comfort of their homes.

It is here that restaurant online ordering comes into the picture. Gone are the days when the customer had to call up the restaurant and place order for the food to be delivered home. With online food ordering system in place, your customer can check out the menu items at the click of a button.

All they need is five minutes of their busy schedule to place the order. If you are offering this facility to your customers, let them know about it. You can opt for the following interesting ways to spread the news:

  • Hire the services of the local newspaper to spread the information in your locality. You can do so with the help of a press release. Highlight that you are now offering restaurant online ordering facility along with the menus on offer.
  • Run a special promotion on your website. Buy five times using online ordering to get a massive discount on the sixth one.
  • Ask your staff to inform the customers about online ordering when they serve the food.
  • Use big banners inside the restaurant to highlight this new feature.
  • Go for hoardings to promote the feature.
  • Go for small table menus with the highlight on the online ordering system offered by your restaurant.
  • Use flyers on your website.
  • Make use of your business card. It is an interesting way to promote what “new” facility your restaurant is offering.

Spreading the news is not enough. You have to offer an equally compelling service if you wish to live up to the reputation. Keep the following areas in mind:

On Time Delivery: One of the major reasons why your customers will avail the online ordering software is because they are looking for on time delivery. If your restaurant fails to meet this basic requirement you will lose out on valuable customers.

Good Quality Food: Customers are availing your restaurant’s service because they enjoy the food served. You need to ensure that high-quality food is served even when customers are placing the order through online food ordering. You cannot compromise on the quality of food offered. Just because you are not facing your customers on a direct basis does not mean that you can get away with the poor quality of food offered.

24X7 Customer Service: When you are offering restaurant online ordering you have to back it up with round-the-clock customer service. Your customers can place the order online anytime. If they need any assistance while placing the order, your executives should be there to guide and assist them.

Online food ordering becomes effective only when you make sure that the news is made public and that all the other factors are in sync.

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