With so many service providers claiming to offer the best online food ordering system, what you should look for is how to install the online food ordering system as part of your business. Following are the steps that you need to KNOW:

  • When the online food ordering system buzzes with a new order all you need to do is accept the order. Don’t forget to mention the time required to prepare the meal and deliver it. The moment you type in the information, the system will get updated automatically while a mail will be delivered to your customer with the required details.
  • Now you need to mention the details of the order on the system so that the input is transferred to your POS system. Don’t forget to mention the tip!
  • Once the information is entered, select the payment order as “pre-paid”. The order will total itself out while you will be able to print out the receipts of the other diners in your restaurant in a normal fashion.
  • Make sure that your kitchen staff has started preparing the meal by this time.
  • Sync your system with the online ordering system so as to receive daily, weekly, and monthly order reports. This will help you to keep a tab on the total revenue generated in a year.

But, what if you don’t want to opt for the point of sale system? What if you would prefer to opt for automatic ticket print outs? There are many service providers who offer a fully integrated wireless printer option. As it is wireless equipment, you can easily place the printer anywhere. There is no fixed location. In fact, this equipment offers utmost flexibility.

You can place it in the bar, in the kitchen; can carry from table to table or directly to your customer’s house. You will be able to print a receipt immediately after the order is placed. In fact, you can also get additional printouts of the receipts and file it in different folders for future reference.

In the long run, you will end up saving a lot of time when you opt for online food ordering system compared to answering phone calls to take down an order. Online system offers a better control over the order placed. It is possible to keep tracks of all the orders received and overlook the different stages of delivery. The entire process will give your kitchen staff and the delivery team ample time to chalk, plan and execute each order with utmost efficiency and convenience.

Knowing your customer is vital in today’s competitive market. With the best online food ordering system, you are able to do so and much more. Don’t waste more time pondering over whether you should opt for this system or not. Jump on the bandwagon and get this system installed to give your business the much-required push. At times, you need to do something extra to attract the attention of your customers.

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