Businesses that deal with ordering and delivery operations should consider proper delivery management as one of the most Important priorities. With the collaboration of powerful platforms like Ordering and Tookan, you can streamline the delivery operations and experience the difference.

Let’s find out how you can enhance delivery management for your business with this dynamic collaboration.

Auto-assign option: You don’t need to wait for the orders to come and then assign the drivers manually. Your app or website will take care of it with the aid of the automated system and will auto-assign the nearest available agents accordingly.

Real-time tracking system: To ensure timely deliveries, you can keep track of the movements of all your agent’s real-time no matter wherever you are.

Instant notifications: Inform and be informed on the go. Your customers will receive automated SMS and email notifications regarding the progress of their orders, and you also be notified of the delivery actions.

Customize features: Update your app and website aligned with your business requirements. OrderinAndnd Tookan offers the robustness to incorporate and update with the essential functions. For instance, you can add unlimited drivers or agents per the demand of the customers; change and update task status, personalize SMS & Email templates for automated messaging and invoicing, and much more.

Performance reports: Keep a close tab on your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with real-time analytics report. This will help you work on your pain points and take proper decisions necessary for the business growth.

Customer management: With Ordering and Tookan you will know who your best customers are and maintain the customer details on the dashboard. You will also receive instant customer feedback with a dedicated page on the dashboard.

Team management: Keep all of your team members on the same and assign them to their respective assignments on the go. You can add as many managers you want to take care of your business. You will also receive Facebook-like Notifications of every action taken by your team.

Flexible pricing options: Your app or website will offer the scalability to help you choose the agent or task-based pricing.That at fits your business.

API and integration: With the option of open APIs you will have the ability to integrate multiple platforms with your website or customer app.

Ease of use: Ordering and Tookan help you create Android/iOS app that guarantees the ease of use with zero with minimal training.

Geo-Fencing: The collaboration helps you simplify you order assignment process & support your team by categorizing, in a more geo-efficient way.

Create an app like Postmates clone which will include all these features and much more. Start your Ordering platform integration with TookanApp from here.

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