There was a time when a lot of restaurants could not cope with the high demand of customers and faced flak for poor customer services. Now the restaurants can not only manage the increasing orders of their customers but also reach out to their potential customers like never before. Thanks to Online food ordering system, it has transformed the restaurant industry by leaps and bounds. Let’s find out how.

What is Online food ordering system?

Online food ordering system is the management of ordering and delivery from a restaurant to the customers through a mobile app or website. This was created to simplify the process of food ordering for both the consumers and the restaurants.

  • Order management made easy

Due to the changing food habits of the millennials, food ordering system has changed drastically. A recent study reveals, more than 30% of millennials prefer ordering food from a restaurant’s website via their mobile phones or similar devices. Online food ordering system has made it much easier to accept or reject new orders.

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  • Instant notification to customers

Better customer experience will always attract more buyers. Online food ordering system allows users to keep a tab on their order, change the status, and also track the delivery.

  • Customizable

Ordering and delivery software gives the option to customize the design, icon, logo, menu, order and delivery settings, and so much more.

  • Multiple integration options

To expand your business potential to a wider spectrum of consumers, various integration platforms can be embedded in the ordering system. For instance, web-based integration systems like Zapier can be connected to the app or website to streamline order management, staff management, data collection, customer services, and so much more.

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  • Supports multiple languages

A good food ordering system will support multiple languages to cater to the non-English speaking consumers and increase the chances of reaching out to a broader target customers. It also supports special characters or RTL.

  • Embed Social media

In this social media driven world, integration with powerful platforms like Facebook and Twitter has become an imperative to facilitate the user to log-in and check out with a single tap. It also allows the users to share the orders on their preferred social media platform.

  • Easy payment options

While some customers prefer cash on delivery, many find it much easier to pay online. Online ordering system allows integration of finance and payment gateways like PayPal,, Stripe, etc.

  • Keep track of the delivery

Food delivery is a task that needs to be accomplished with utmost priority. Online food ordering system ensures integration with the right platform to keep track on the assigned and unassigned orders, active and inactive drivers, address for pick-up and delivery, etc.

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