Speed and fast search/filters capabilities are important to the user.


When we developed the script we thought about giving the user a better experience on the website and we know that it is very important to find what you are looking for as soon as possible while browsing on the website.


The special things that we have are:


Filters for restaurant listing based on categories of restaurant, categories with-in restaurant (menu categories) and product names


The advantage of this is that the user does not have to scroll down 20 min. to check the 10 or maybe 300 restaurants/businesses available to him. He can easily select/unselect the categories he would like to see and after that click on the restaurant/business that interest him the most.


Dynamic shopping cart


This is a feature which a lot of our customers have been requesting us. We agree with them and we also think this is a useful and very nice looking feature of the script.

User can see immediately on the right bar (shopping cart) what they are adding to their orders.


Ajax language used in our script:


We decided to use Ajax in our script because we know that handling information in a dynamic way is the best for smooth and good experience of the user.

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