Let’s talk about money!

We want to be honest, at the end this is an online shop like many others, off course with lots of more features, including different providers, and with a very good twist so you can use it for everything you want.. the important question is how good we are when it comes to conversion rate and sales.

What is this conversion rate, it does not sound familiar to you?

It´s simple. It is the amount of users of the global visitors that actually order something on the website.


“…One page check-out can increase your sales up 400%…”

Here we have excellent news for you: We have designed a one-page-checkout which is proved by many many studies (we didn´t want to insert any case-study for you , because you should research by your own and realize that this is true.) that can increase up to 400% your conversion rate.

“…Call-to-action button on checkout….”

We have integrated a very clear button to order to increase the conversion rate.

“…4 Steps-Buy….”

1. Set your location.

2. Find your favorite restaurant or business.

3. Add products to cart.

4. Confirm your order.

Only four steps needed to complete orders with OOS. This helps and increase your conversion rate.

One page checkout

Users call be fill up their delivery address on the same page while checking for the last their shopping cart.

Call-to-action Button

Users don’t get confused where to click to order with this button.

4 Steps-Buy

Keep it simple and you will win they say, we are sure this is the right way.

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