How often do you receive random promotional emails? I’m sure quite a lot. You open some that interest you and ignore the ones that you don’t find useful. Then there are instances when you actually take some action like downloading from a link, subscribing to a service or avail a coupon code.

More than 45% businesses have no clear strategy for managing the frequency of email communications. If you’re into restaurant business then you can make the most of email marketing and get started with effecting marketing for your business.

  • An engaging website: First and foremost, you must have an all-device responsive website that will serve as the landing page from the link that you will be providing in your email. Make sure the website has all the relevant information like the menu, ordering option on the home page with Call to Action (CTA) tabs. You also need to keep track of the website visitors which will help you get a filtered list of recipients. Now you can create a customized all-device responsive website with online restaurant ordering software.
  • Start it with promotional offers: About 85% of your customers might sign up to get discounts more than 41% might be looking for information and product updates. So promotional offers are always a great way to attract your leads. Get started with an email with a personalized touch and make the recipients feel how special they are to you.
  • Attractive content: No one will be interested to read an email rife with too many words and no visual content. Create an eye-catching visual content that includes mouth-watering recipes and if there’s enough space give a one-liner for each item. Also, don’t forget to include click-worthy CTA tabs.
  • Short and on point subject lines: Subject lines with fewer than 10 characters gains about 50% open rates. So you need to keep your subject line short and on-point. Avoid using subject lines that might succumb to spam folders. Here’s a list of subject line you should avoid.
  • Automation for wider reach: Most organizations agree that marketing automation can help boost customer engagement by 76% and facilitate more timely communication by 73%. Besides, it also helps you with templates, email’s Key Performance Indicator, click rates, open rates, subscription or unsubscription rates, conversion rates and sales report.
  • Lead nurturing to enhance brand loyalty: People might ignore your email due to a lot of reasons. Give them an opportunity to remind them of your restaurant with an effective lead nurturing email campaign.
  • Don’t forget the old customers: By now you must have collected the contact information of the customers who have already visited your restaurant. If not then you should start this practice ASAP. This will help you build a good contact database and you can send emails to them with exciting messages.
  • Increase followers on social media: You can entice the recipients to join your Facebook or Instagram page to get the latest offers and updates through email marketing and this way you can increase more fan followers.

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