Multi-vendor-store script

The best Multi-Vendor script – system on the whole web – the best quality and the best price. Guaranteed. has developed a new script. With our new script you are able to have a modern online shop with a multi-vendor system that adapts to different types of businesses like:

-Restaurants or None-Restaurants with different opening times that change daily

-Restaurants or None-Restaurants with 1 or more branches of offices

-Restaurant or None-Restaurants with daily changing catalog

-Restaurant with a need of having control of their own order and managing their products.

-Each restaurant has a control panel, user and password.

“….UP 500% less time  by uploading data to your system….believe us this is worth it….FULL MULTI-VENDOR CAPABILITIES”

…Each restaurant or business has an own administration, user and password. They are also able to set their own areas to delivery just by marking an area with on Google maps. They can comments on their orders and inform the customers automatically… 

For all of this kind of business it is necessary to have a Multi-Store – Vendor system so every administrator of each business can edit the information of this own place according to his wishes.

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