Online ordering systems come with a wide variety of potential functions, ranging from simply receiving orders all the way to acting almost as a virtual restaurant manager. Any good online ordering program will include point-of-sale functionality in it. This ability, which allows the customer to pay while ordering online, is more convenient for the customer and decreases the amount of time spent at the counter for pickups. This means more customers can be served. Other handy features to consider include inventory monitoring, delivery tracking and many other management and administrative tools. Most establishments won’t need the full range of functions, but knowing the available options makes finding the perfect program easier.

Mobile Availability

Online ordering isn’t the only method that is exploding in popularity. Mobile ordering is growing rapidly as well, now that the vast majority of adults currently own and use smart phones and tablet devices daily. Knowing this, it’s almost equally important that whatever online ordering system is chosen has mobile compatibility in addition to POS service, especially if that compatibility comes in the form of an app. Since phones fit inside pockets, customers are able to order their favorite food with the press of a button wherever they may be, removing the need to find a computer first. Mobile compatibility doesn’t only benefit the customer either, as many online ordering systems can offer mobile service to the restaurant for real time monitoring and updates while on the move.

Analytical Options

Two of the most important aspects of running a business are keeping track of inventory in and inventory out as well as profit versus expenditures. Most online ordering systems will keep track of orders and changes that occur within the system and provide them in an accessible format when needed. This allows the administrator painless access to charts and tables that feature all of the necessary information for normal operation. Not all programs provide the same amount of information or to the same degree, so it is a good idea to research this ahead of time, especially if the potential program is intended to be integrated throughout the establishment and not limited to just online sales.


Last but not least, and perhaps the most obvious point, pricing can vary dramatically from one product to another. When looking at prices, make sure not to only see a number. You need to identify what services and functions are provided in that price as well as search for any additional and hidden fees. Some third party platforms charge based on the number of orders processed whereas others may simply employ licensing fees. Don’t settle on any one product until you completely understand the costs and what you’ll be receiving.

Whether seeking web design in Toronto, New York or London for the public face for an online ordering program, getting the right system behind it is a necessary first step. With the previous suggestions in mind, finding the perfect option can be a breeze. By adding the right online ordering program, the only possible outcome is success.

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