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Introducing Reservations

Providing World Class Solutions for Local Businesses and Professionals

Our reservations module includes also the features from Online Ordering like direct business url, categories, filters, geolocation and so much more…
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Use Examples

Our system works with reservations, bookings or appointments.

Table Reservations
On Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Country Clubs and any other hospitality service.
On Spas, Beauty Salons, Hoteles, Motels and any other room or service.
For Doctors, Lawyers, Masseuses and any other professionals.

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Reservations and Table types

Different reservation types

  • Rooms by type
  • Tables by location on the place or guests
  • Bookings by service
  • Anything you can think about

Reservations with or without cost

Cancellations problem solved

  • Free reservations as usual
  • Premium Tables or Reservations could have a cost
  • Allow to apply reservation costs to the bill as credit
  • Allow Deals, for example purchase $50 credit and get $100

What about Reservations + Ordering ?

We are introducing this amazing feature… anyone can reserve and order all at once
Nobody is doing this yet… Let’s give you some business ideas, you can be better than anyone else. Get ready for the new business era.

Eat and go

On this busy world sometimes you just want to get out of the office to eat and return fast.
Anyone could order and have their meals ready to be served on their reserved table as soon as they arrive.

Appetizers and Drinks ready!

Give your users the great opportunity of having served drinks and appetizers so they can start enjoying as soon as they arrive to the restaurant. No more waiting for the waiter to take the first part of the order.

Table + Bottle for Night Clubs

What if you could reserve a table for your favorite night club and have the bottle and drinks ready as soon as you arrive. No more waiting times… This is possible with our system. Allow your customers to receive VIP treatment as simple as this.

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Benefits for Businesses

All this is also awesome for restaurants and for any other business because they take away the hassle of cancellations, they can even put for example tables with a minimum purchase available. And they can even get the payment in advance.

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