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Your Own Multi-Store Website

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Any Existing Website

Your Own Android App

Your brand
-For Smartphones
-For Tablets
Upload with your own brand to google play

Your own IOS App

-For Iphone
-For Ipad
Upload with your own brand to the appstore

Windows Phone App (Coming Soon)

Amazing Integrations

Website builders

Custom Design? No Problem

Create your design and integrate your OrderingOnlineSystem with your favorite easy to use website builder

Any Existing Website


Want to Track Visitors?

Sure, we have Google Analytics

For your whole site

Add a global tracking code for your whole site visitors.

For each city

Allows to track city performance, that way you can have full analysis of your marketing efforts.


Receive payments online

Accept credit cards with the world leaders in payments


You can receive the payments or your businesses directly to their paypal account, amazing! Read more…

Paypal Adaptive Payments

Split the payment directly from our system if you charge a commission either fixed or % per order.


This is a very common payment gateway used in Latin America.

Cash on delivery

This is a must on an ordering online or reservations system for local businesses as you should allow your customers to pay also by cash. And how will you get your earnings? Well we already thought about that and implemented a solution, so our invoices module already calculates how much a business owes you and prints it on the invoice.

Cards on delivery (bank terminals, square, etc)

A lot of local businesses have their own bank payment terminals, square or similar to receive credit card payments on delivery directly from the customer.


This is a very comment payment gateway used in Europe, most commonly on United Kingdom.


This amazing payment gateway is used by airbnb, uber and others. Our system integration allows to create subaccounts on braintree that way they can get paid directly by credit card allowing you to take a comission for each order directly.

This is one of the most common payment gateways used in the United States, it allows to receive payments directly on your site.


Accept most payment types and card brands with high-speed approvals and instant transaction viewing.


One of the most famous payment gateways, used by twitter, kickstarter, instacart, lyft and many others. The user is allowed to pay directly on your site with his credit card, just create an account and setup the details. An SSL may be required, to install the SSL please purchase it (we recommend godaddy) and contact us, we will install it on your site. This payment gateway is allowed on the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore and Switzerland.

Payu Money

The user is allowed to pay directly on your site with his credit card. This payment gateway is allowed mainly on United States and United Kingdom.

And many many more

To check the full list please check

Do you need a Custom Payment Gateway?

We can do it for a fixed rate of $389 usd. Contact us for more info.

Coming Soon

We integrate about 2 new payment gateways each month: Bitcoin,, 2checkout, and more coming soon…


Wonderful alternatives to receive Orders and Reservations

Email Notifications

User, Business, Super admin, City admin and Driver Managers get notifications every time an order is placed, whenever a comment is added or status is changed. Read more…

GPRS / SMS printers

That’s right! This is the same technology used by Justeat and similar big players on the online food ordering market. Read more…

SMS notifications

For users and businesses on new orders and any order changes. Read more…

Cloud Printers

As simple as email then print, this technology gives the printer an email address, which can be setup on your OrderingOnlineSystem to print directly the orders from x business. Read more…

Fax Notifications

Our system can integrate with any email to fax service to send faxes to the business when a new order is received. There are a lot of services that offer email to fax integrations, one good example is Godaddy.

Phone – Call Center

This solution may be not the ideal but is a very good start and is used by very big players. You can receive the orders on your call center and then contactthe business by phone to transfer the orders. Read more…

Push notifications

There are lots of apps that allow to show incoming email as push notifications, this is a good example that even allows to configure better sounds so you never miss an order. For Iphone and a great alternative for Iphone and Android is

Orders Manager Iphone App (Admin Management Suite)

With push notifications, sound for incoming orders, comments, status changes and more.

Orders Manager Android AppĀ (Admin Management Suite)

With push notifications, sound for incoming orders, comments, status changes and more.

Admin Web version

Integrated visual and sound notifications system with settings to display or hide the order notifications and settings to configure notifications display time and reminders. Accesible from any browser from any desktop or laptop computer.

Android POS with Orders and Reservations Manager (sold separately)

Point of sale solution with orders and reservations manager available to download with your own logos from Google Play, works on any Android smartphone or tablet. For more information please check

And many more

For the full list please check

Social and Mailing


Our system allows any user to sign up or login with their facebook account.

Like box

You can add your own facebook page so the users can like it directly from your OrderingOnlineSystem site.


Our system allows to share on facebook or twitter with addthis on each page, and sharethis when placing an order. We have great functionality to share a specific business.


Every new user will be automatically added to the mailchimp list you want.

QR code reader

That’s right, this is amazing, for example a restaurant can add a qr code on their flyers, posters or any printed material and a code reader will detect and send the user directly to that restaurant or business to order. Example of free qr code generator service…

Yelp Reviews Addon (Coming soon)

Yelp, company that operates an “online urban guide” and business review site, connect the reviews of your businesses with this great platform.

POS Integrations with other systems (coming soon)

We are going to integrate the leader Point of Sales with OrderingOnlineSystem please Contact us to tell us your favorite.

Looking for more integrations?

If we don’t have it we can do it, contact us to request your integration
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