The dashboard is where your customers are going to land when they click on your website address. You want this to be easy to read, appealing and eye catching and effective enough that your guests come back time and time again. Colorful graphics, large fonts and crystal clear images are a must here. Paying attention to the details on your online food ordering system ensures that you get repeat customers.

Ordering Website:

Once your customer has landed on your dashboard, the natural next step is to see the menu and make an order. You want this to be as easy and quick as possible since your guests are busy people who need a meal fast. Allow them to use their location for delivery so that they don’t have to search all over for a location near them. Be sure your brand and logo are clearly visible so your customers keep it in mind next time they want to order food online. An easy to use ordering system ensures repeat business.

Ordering App:

Keep in mind that many of your guests are going to want to order food using their smartphone or tablet. By offering an app that links to your website, you broaden your customer base and reach more potential customers. Like your website, the app should be easy to navigate and should have your brand and logo prominently displayed so your customers know where to go next time they need a meal delivered.

Delivery App:

This app is beneficial to your delivery drivers, rather than your customers. It allows your drivers to easily find where they need to go to drop off meals and ensures that food is delivered in a optimal time frame. This ensures that your guests are getting top quality food, which drives your profits and makes it easier to get customers to come back to your website.

Other Features:

One of the best things you can add to your online ordering system is the ability for your guests to customize their order. If they are able to leave ingredients out, ask for extra toppings or leave a specific comment, you are going to have happier customers who are willing to come back and spread the word about your restaurant. Vivid pictures of your menu items is another huge bonus so the best program for your restaurant will allow for that.

Using an online ordering system to go along with your free standing restaurant is incredibly beneficial. You have the opportunity to reach more customers and you can create a larger profit margin as well. Creating an online menu isn’t too hard and will reap some big rewards once you get it up and running. There are a large variety of programs that can help you do this and it’s important to weigh your options before making a choice. The right program meets your needs and the needs of your customers, whatever they might be.

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