A comprehensive solution provider for restaurants and all kinds of businesses, Ordering Online System offers systems for desktop, mobile version, iPhone and Android App. To make the experience better and to provide an enhanced service, we have some excellent add-ons.

GPRS/SMS Remote Printer Connection: This is an excellent add-on that lets you integrate your own model of GPRS/SMS Remote printer to make it work with the script of Ordering Online System. This means, you can use your own script and have your orders sent to the printer directly. It will be then taken care of and will be confirmed or cancelled on the printer. To do this the printer needs to be integrated with the system to answer through GPRS or through SMS to the site.

Online ordering script from Ordering Online System comes with customization capabilities. The script can be integrated like Just Eat functionality. As the customer orders online, the order gets transferred to the appropriate terminal – the GSM style terminal in restaurant to print all order details and take payment. Before processing the transaction, the restaurant has the option to accept or refuse order. It is also possible to configure the estimated delivery time.

Custom Design: With the help of this add-on, you can give unique looks and feel to your script. And to do this you do not need to be a developer. Ordering Online System has a great team to take care of anything related to customisation of script. This is the age of stiff competition and what you need to do to stay ahead of your competitors is marketing and building a strong image for your company. This is where comes the need to have unique design and looks. Ordering Online System offers services to let you choose any type of design that you want to have. Our designers would create perfect designs for you and after you purchase, mock-ups will be created unless and until you like the design. Once you like the design, then only integration and development would start.

iPhone and iPad App ā€“ This is an essential add-on as you plan to achieve high and want to earn extra revenue from online ordering system. IPhone and IPad App will enable your site to offer a service that will act as your extra revenue channel. The major advantage of having IPhone and IPad App is having an extra platform for increasing your revenue. It will enhance the professional image of your site. The IPhone/IPad App developed by Ordering Online System comes with designs and features which are linked to your web mobile responsive version. Promoting your Apps in social networks, you will get more customers.

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