Built in mailer system

Email – New order email

Everytime a new order is placed an email is sent to user, restaurant and city. It has all the details of the order.


Email – Order status change, comments, review email

“…Comment on an order, let you costumer know automatically what is happening by E-mail….”

It shows the user whatever happens to the order, for example status changed to completed, also any comment made by the restaurant admin, city admin, or super admin is shown here.

Review restaurant or business email (*Requires reviews addon): Is a special button that takes you to review your order directly.


Email – Password request email

Sends the user the password.



Combine power of email with your favorite email client

There are email clients that can generate sounds or even print the orders directly when installed on any computer. This way you can create an awesome notification center on your affiliated businesses with no extra investment.

You can for example use Mozilla Thunderbird and add this extension Mailbox Alert to generate unlimited sound until the order is answered.

And there are tons of software that allow to print automatically incoming emails, even Outlook, another great solution is http://www.automatic-print-email.com/ (allows to print order on existing POS printer), you can always search for free solutions on Google.

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