Discount Code and Automatic Discount Add-on!

We know how important it is to offer discount to your users because this is one of the most effective way to attract them to your website. That is why we have developed this discount code and automatic discount for you. We have included all the necessary setting so the module is as flexible as possible, so it fulfills the need of your own concept and market.

New icons for your admin panel, so you can identify your discount codes and automatic codes easily.

Feature of the discount code settings:

  • Days to expire
  • Maximum limit of usage
  • Minimum purchase
  • Discount type: “Percentage” or “Fixed amount”
  • Apply to 1 restaurant, more than 1 or ALL

Features of the automatic discount settings:

  • Write your own text
  • Discount type (Percentage or fixed amount)
  • Expiration date
  • Minimum purchase
  • Apply to 1 business, more than 1 or ALL.

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