Yes, that´s right!


No online delivery food system or script does this, no kidding.


You won’t get disappointed; it´s the best option on the market. This script does everything that everyone has ever wished! No more postal codes, no more delivery codes, it couldn´t be any more simple. You just have to click and set the delivery area for the restaurant on a map, and there you go! And you even can set the price per delivery zone.

And you know what?… It works everywhere!… Why? – Well, ask Google.

Google maps – Function for setting delivery zones of restaurants.


Just with a couple of clicks, you will be able to set a specific area on Google Maps to tell the system in which area it is allowed to deliver to the users. You just draw the delivery zone!

Google maps – Function for detecting if the user is within the delivery zones of restaurants.


When user entries data or with our *new Geolocation function the system detects user position and shows the restaurants or businesses that deliver to the user’s location.


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