The online ordering button acts like the biggest call to action for any app to increase the conversion rate for businesses. This button is the temptation or the action that you are compelling customers to take so that they can place their order in a simple and hassle free way. Deciding to add an online ordering button and actually getting on to doing the work are two different things. This is the major reason for us to know the details and the functionalities involved in doing it. However, there are a few complications involved in adding a customized button. They are the extra precaution you need to take while adding a customized design to the button to make sure that it runs smoothly within the functionalities of the app.

Make sure you have the right team of professionals when adding this customized button. There is the constant need to improve technology and upgrade it as per latest trends. So make sure you remember some of the important tips that will add value to your online food ordering apps when the button is incorporated.

The first and the basic step is, if you wish the order to take place, it is important that you make sure your button is grabbing the attention because of its visual appeal. We tell you how to go about that:

  • Have the Button in the App – This pointer tries to focus that this button should be the first thing that needs to catch the attention of people when they use this app. The design of the app should be framed bordering around the importance of this button that will lead to conversion.
  • Make the Button Visually Appealing – This factor comes as no surprise that the button should be visually appealing to successfully grab attention. To enhance visual appeal care needs to be taken that it does not hit the eyes with its flashy color and effects. The impact should be subtle yet effective.
  • Size of the Button Plays a Big Role – Many people do not give this much importance but size of the button has a huge role to play in triggering sales. The size should be just right to create the right impression among customers. Too small a size runs the risk of getting unnoticed and too big sends the impression of trying too hard. So decide the right size.
  • Keep the Text Action Oriented – The button is custom designed to match the design and layout of the app. The text that goes in the button is also important because the text on the button makes the call to action. The text should be crisp yet impactful for them to continue.
  • Add the Right Colors – Colors play a huge role in influencing customers because of the color psychology involved. So make sure you add colors that generate positive reaction and response among customers. The popular shades are blue and white because it resonate positivity among clients.

All you need to do is follow these pointers to be on the right track when it comes to customizing the design of your online ordering app.

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