The are lots of scripts out there that claim to be clones of or or scripts, which work like Eat24hours or Eat24 but not all of them are reliable or worth buying because some of them are too cheap or their codes are encrypted, and even some of them stop developing their script.

You have to be very careful while buying a script on the internet, the most common mistake while looking for a script is when you decide to buy a clone of Eat24 which won´t be developed by the people that created it. That means you would have invest hundred of dollars or maybe thousand to get you script working like you want in the future. You need to find a clone script of Eat24 that keeps getting updates and new features, only this way you can keep budget low and have more chance to invest your money in other things.

We think that has the best option for this because is a script that offers a open source code for a very fair price. Already for 399 USD you can get the open source version and you can use that license for 1 domain for ever.

With can get your website running in 24 hours with all the features that and Eat24 has.

Some of the advantages of´s script or clone which will make your website work and look like and are the following:

  • Free installation in 24 hours
  • Open source code (That means you can change everything, even the smallest detail)
  • Low price (Open source code for 399 USD)
  • High speed performance (Since it´s a pure PHP script, the system is very very fast on every hosting)
  • Deliver areas based on Google Maps (The delivery areas can be set with a polygon on Google Maps while upload)
  • Responsive design included on script for 399 USD (The design changes while browsing the wesite on a mobile device)
  • iPhone App (optional, you don´t have to buy it.)
  • Android App (optional, you don´t have to buy it.)
  • Paypal Payment Module (optional, you don´t have to buy it.)
  • Reviews Module (optional, you don´t have to buy it.)
  • SMS notifications for user and restaurants (optional, you don´t have to buy it.)

I hope you test the script as a clone script or PHP script that imitates the features of and

I hope this information was useful and that you could save some time with it.


Alonso Dario Alvarez Pulido

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