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Are you looking for a system you can start with a similar site like FoodPanda or HelloFood? Well good news, we have the right system for you.

First we would like to tell you a litte bit about FoodPanda and Hellofood, which belong to the same owners:

It is time for you to discover new local restaurants that deliver your delicious meals at your doorstep today.

FoodPanda together with its affiliated brand HelloFood is the leading group of online food ordering platforms active in 27 countries. It helps restaurants to increase sales through online and mobile platforms. It also provides the constantly evolving technology and analytics that helps restaurants to understand market trends and patterns.

For consumers, FoodPanda offers an online marketplace with the widest gastronomic range that includes salads, pizzas, burgers and sushi. Consumers have the option of choosing their favourite meal on this platform or via apps. FoodPanda processes the order to the restaurant that delivers the ordered food to the doorstep.

FoodPanda and HelloFood are offering their services in:
• India
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Pakistan
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• Ghana
• Ivory Coast
• Kenya
• Morocco
• Senegal
• Nigeria
• Russia
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Chile
• Colombia
• Mexico
• Peru
• Hungary
• Venezuela
• Poland
• Ukraine
• Romania
• Saudi Arabia.

That’s amazing right? Well then what are you waiting for, you can start this type of business in your own city and in your own country right now with the help of Ordering Online System!

We have a team of professionals who design the right software for your restaurant to make online food ordering system an easy process. We help restaurants to design their online menu which makes the food ordering process easy for customers. At Ordering Online System, we promise to offer some great features that would enhance the user experience.

Simple Control Panel – It is important to manage your online food menu so that the order processing steps become easier. The online representation of your restaurant also needs to be simple and appealing. The easy to use control panel of Ordering Online System helps in easy management of all the essential aspects of your restaurant. In order to make the work seamless, no HTML or any kind of programming knowledge is required.

Menu Builder – The menu tool needs to be easy so that the food items can be easily added to the website. When designing the menu tool, it is essential to remember that the images need to have high resolution, the food options should be high and the prices should be clearly mentioned. Having more options is a must for any restaurant to be in the business for long so that customers never feel monotonous. Setting up advanced options on special days is an added incentive for customers.

Custom Delivery Zones – When providing food delivery, it is important for customers to know whether they are a part of the food delivery zones. As a restaurant it is essential that you set certain delivery perimeters that have geo fencing features along with delivery fees based on their location under certain minimum orders. As a restaurant owner, it is entirely your call about the delivery zone that you set for your restaurant. But care needs to be taken that you inform your clients about the same. At Ordering Online System, we make sure to take care of these needs and design accordingly.

Multiple Order Types – Online food ordering is all about convenience and it is important for restaurant owners to provide just that to their customers. The best form of convenience you can offer customers is by providing different order types. We have designers and developers who can setup an online store that will accept Pickup, Delivery, Dine-in and Curbside. Having these features is the best way to handle multiple orders that come along the way.

Insightful Analytics – As and when customers come to visit your restaurant, make sure that you gather as much customer data as possible. By customer data, it implies that you collect their birthdays, anniversaries, e-mail addresses, gender and residential addresses. This data helps you to easily track your customers and push them to repeat your restaurant. This also helps restaurant owners to get better insight about their restaurants and form a well-established client base.

At Ordering Online System, it is our aim to help restaurants to succeed in e-commerce and make sure that our clients have the most responsive service available for customers.

Foodpanda together with its affiliated brand hellofood is the leading group of online food ordering platforms active in 27 countries. It helps restaurants to increase sales through online and mobile platforms and provides them with constantly evolving technology and analytics.

For consumers, foodpanda offers an online marketplace with widest gastronomic range, including e.g. salads, pizza, burger and sushi. Consumers choose their favorite meal on the platform or via app; foodpanda processes the order to the restaurant that delivers to the doorstep.

Foodpanda and Hellofood are offering their services in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Hungary, Venezuela, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Saudi Arabia.

Available in more than 31 Countries.

That´s amazing right? Well then what are you waiting for, you can start this type of business in you own city and in your own country right now!

Here is a comparison of features so you know what you could do with your script with your OWN LOGO AND LABEL.

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