Paypal Addon

Paypal is the most used company for money online transactions, we are sure this will be a must in your system if you are expecting to get payments online.

We thought of this and we created a Paypal Add-on that you can use with our OrderingOnlineSystem and you can get up and running in less than 24 hours.

Most accepted payment gateway with over 25 different currencies accepted. Our integration allows any business to receive the payment directly on their account or you can decide to receive the payments on your account.

Features for front-end:

  • Users can choose to pay with through Paypal on checkout (desktop)
  • Users can choose to pay with through Paypal on checkout (mobile)
  • Users can pay with their Paypal Account
  • Users can pay with their Credit Card or Debit Card without having a Paypal account

Features for back-end:

  • Each restaurants or business can get the money directly to their Paypal account
  • OR money goes to one main Paypal account can be used to transfer later the money of each business
  • Easy setup by writing the E-mail that is linked to the Paypal account while setting up a business

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