To let you have the best experience with online ordering software, Ordering Online System offers excellent Addons.

Take a look at some of them:

Discount Code Add-On: One of the most effective ways to draw the potential customers to your website is offering them discounts. The discount code and automatic discount add-on will help you to do that in the most effective and smart way. The necessary setting included in the addon will make the module utmost flexible so that it meets the need of your market and concept. To identify your discount codes and automatic discount codes easily, there will be new icons for your admin panel.

Features of discount code settings include days to expire, maximum limit of usage, minimum purchase, discount type like “fixed amount” or “percentage” and applying to one restaurant, more than one or all.

Features of automatic discount settings include write your own text, discount type like fixed amount or percentage, expiration date, minimum purchase and apply to one business or more than one or all.

Paypal Add-on: When it comes to online money transactions, Paypal is the most commonly used company. Therefore, when you get payments online, Paypal Add-on has to be a must to be used with the online ordering software for restaurants from Ordering Online System. Our Paypal Add-on comes with lots of front-end and back-end features which are highly beneficial for the restaurants and customers. The front-end features let the users choose to pay through Paypal on checkout, be it desktop or mobile.

They can pay with their Paypal Account or with their Debit Card or Credit Card, even if they do not have a Paypal account. The back-end features let the restaurants get the money directly to their Paypal account or money of each business can go to one main Paypal account to be used or transferred later. Or there can be an easy set up where the E-mail is linked to the Paypal account.

SMS Add-on: One of the most popular add-ons among the customers, the SMS Add-on gives the restaurants an option to receive an SMS notification as soon as they get an order. A special number can be inserted only for the SMS service which may be different from the official number of business. This option can be chosen by the businesses in their business setting. The front-end features of this Add-on are users can insert his cellphone on checkout and check box for user for activating SMS notification service. Price for each SMS needs to be paid separately.

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