Some people say Android is beating iOS, so why not to join this side?

Yes, we are pretty sure you have heard about that. The number of users using Android is growing very fast and some of them even say that the number of Android user is now bigger than the users of iOS.

This can be an extreme big advantage for you, you can get your own Android App for you, we are sure you won´t be disappointed.

The advantages of having an Android App are the following:

  • Increase your revenue with an extra platform
  • Design and features of your iPhone/iPad App are linked to your web mobile responsive version
  • Increase the professional image of your site
  • Get more customers by promoting your Apps in social networks

Technical details: Android 2.1 and above

Compatible with: All devices using  Android 2.1 and above

OrderingOnlineSystem Android App

Do you to have a closer look of how our Android App works?

We have a video for you here:

OrderingOnlineSystem - Android App

Yes, you can. We will tell you how to create the images and the right sizes, so the app looks 100% yours.

Yes, this app will work with your script, it does not matter when you bought it.

The App is based on the mobile version the website, that means that if you make changes to your mobile version of website they will be applied to you App automatically, this way you don´t have to pay for a developer that changes your Android App and then you mobile version. – You save money with this App for the future

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