Given to the growing popularity of online food ordering trend, the restaurants should not only focus on creating a website but also customize and design it per the requirements of the millennials. According to a recent survey, more than 57% of customers are likely to order food from a website. To get more customers attention, there are a few attributes you need to incorporate into your website. Let’s find out what those are:

1. Updated Menu: The first thing a visitor will expect on your site is an updated menu. Update the list per the availability of the food items. It always better to attach a picture to each item

2. Highlight the must-try items: You must have a few signature dishes that are quite popular. Display those on the homepage with the details of the ingredients with high-quality images. Please make sure you don’t use PDF files and keep it in the HTML format.

3. Attractive CTA tabs: The web designer or developer should provide beautiful Call to Action (CTA) tabs like ‘Order now,’ ‘Add To cart’, ‘Mark as the favorite,’ ‘Click to Deliver,’ ‘Contact us,’ etc. Place these wherever necessary so that visitor can view the menu and place the order quickly.

4. Food blog section: According to a customer behavior survey, about 40% of people learn about food through online platforms like websites, apps or blogs. Update your site with entertaining and informative blogs with behind-the-kitchen stories, exciting recipes, must-try dishes, etc. You can also hire a food blogger to attract more readers and enhance brand visibility.

5. Contact information: Make it easier for the customers to reach you whenever they want by providing detailed information about your restaurant or chain of restaurants. You can also offer a map with the instructions to achieve the exact location.

6. Gallery with customer experiences: Ask your customers to share their experiences with pictures and share it in the Gallery section. It will enhance word-of-mouth marketing and increase customer base all the more.

7. Link to social media: Place buttons that will redirect the visitors to the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Make sure you update the social media accounts with relevant posts to increase engagement and reach.

8. Flexible delivery options: When serving customers better is a priority then you must ensure the customer receives their order right at their doorstep. For this, you should provide those areas where delivery is feasible.

9. Special deals: You should throw offers, to your customers which they can’t refuse. Update your website special deals and promotional offers and don’t forget to spread the word on social media with a link to the website.

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