Many restaurateurs are aware of building their brand image on the digital landscape. For a wider reach out and making their presence felt, many have already built a website. But all of them have not reaped equal benefits. The ones who have failed to create an impact can go through the slip-offs enlisted below and make necessary changes. The ones who’re yet to own a website can keep these in mind and create a better website.

  1. No Call To Action on the homepage

Restaurants being a Business to Consumers (B2C) business should be more approachable to the customers. Most of the visitors would look out for the menu and how to Order options. Don’t beat around the bush and place these important Call To Action (CTA) tabs on the inner pages. The website should prominently have the CTA buttons on top of the Home page

  1. Not making the website mobile optimized

Most of your prospects will search you on their mobile phones or tabs. You will lose a lot of customers if your website could not be viewed on their little devices. Make sure your website is all-devices optimized and is properly tested.

  1. Additional links to download menu

Your menu is the most important feature on your website. A lot of restaurant websites provide menus in a very perfunctory manner. They provide additional links that redirect the visitor to some other page where they’re asked to download the menu. This is a big mistake. Provide the menu in the HTML format where the menu could be seen just with a single tap.

  1. SEO not done properly

What is the use of making a compelling website if it could not be found in Google search results? You need to consult an SEO professional who would work on the Google ad words and keep you on the higher search engine ranking. People staying nearby can also locate you easily with the help of geo-targeting ad campaigns.

  1. Not providing review or suggestion section

Every feedback, good or bad, matters. Your customers must have a lot to say about the food you serve, the ambiance or the staff. Ask them to give their reviews on your website. You should take a note of the all the feedback and work on it constructively. It will be better if you could also provide customer testimonials.

  1. Analytics is left out

Do you know who your website visitors are? Or which of your website page has maximum visits? Or which ad campaigns are faring well and which campaigns could not create any impact? Website analytics not only keeps a tab on the details all the visitors but also detects how your website is performing. This will help you improvise on the webs pages and increase more visitors.

  1. Using unprofessional content

Last but not the least, never use random images collected from other online sources. A website rife with actual images of the restaurant and its delicacies is always appreciated and attracts more customers.

Create an awesome website powered by all the features to kick start your restaurant business with the best online food ordering system.

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