Having an online food ordering software in place is not enough. You need to make your target audience aware of the software. Unless you promote the software, your business will fail to register the required profit. You need to know how to promote the software to reach out to the maximum number of the target audience in the least possible time. Unless your customers are aware of it, they will not avail of the software. To make sure that everything goes on as planned, make the customers aware of the online ordering facility.

Inform Your Target Audience That You Are Taking Orders Online Now!

There are so many interesting ways in which you can announce that you are now taking orders online. Today, we will discuss 10 of such ways.

Press Release: Get a press release published in the local newspaper. Inform the locals that your restaurant’s menu is available online and one can place orders online through the food ordering system.

Special Promotion: Run a special promotion where, if a customer places online order three times, then he/she will get a major discount on the fourth online order placed.

Word of Mouth Publicity: Ask your waiters to convey the information to the customers about the food ordering system when they take food orders in the restaurant.

Banner Display: Get a huge banner displayed at the entrance of the restaurant and even in the main dining area informing customers about the online ordering system.

Table Display: If you are not comfortable with the banner display idea, you can always inform the customers about online ordering by putting a little sign on the tables.

Flyers: Highlight your restaurant website on the flyers. Mention about the online ordering facility in eye-catching font size and style to make the required impact.

Business Card: Utilize your business card to the maximum. Besides your name and contact details, highlight that your restaurant now offers online order facility.

Referral Coupons: Offer referral coupons to buyers when they refer your online ordering system to other customers.

Advertisement on Craigslist: Post an advertisement on craigslist with your website link. Post it in your town or city segment. Your main target audience is the local customers. Don’t forget to inform them.

Telemarketing: The age old trick of telemarketing never fails. Have one of your employees do the telemarketing from your back office. Target corporate houses, school, and colleges and even hospitals when your employee makes the call as part of the telemarketing strategy.

Offering online ordering facility will be of no use if your customers are not aware if this feature. You need to take measures to convey the information in the least possible time. You can opt for all the above-mentioned ways or you can make your own list comprising as many ways and measures you want to incorporate. But, whatever you do, don’t delay when it comes to spreading awareness about the online food ordering system. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the necessary steps to inform your customers about the online food ordering system.

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