Ordering Online System

Multi-store e-commerce solution for on demand ordering and delivery

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Millions of orders made with this platform, from little startups up to the biggest franchises worldwide.

User friendly Ordering Interface, Intuitive Management Dashboard and Powerful Delivery Tools, 100% Ready for your Business.

Ordering Suite

Ecommerce and Retail
Create an impressive online presence with a beautiful, responsive website, sell using your branded Ordering.co app on any iOs or Android device, use our Ordering Kiosk for self-service, and the Call Center to give your customers the best experience.

Management Suite

Manage your Business
Control every incoming order, create new stores, manage business owners and menus, set delivery zones - all of this in a user-friendly dashboard and mobile apps.

Delivery Suite

Personalize it to your style
Get your business the right online presence with our white label, 100% customizable, and responsive templates. Choose what fits you and get a website that is exactly what you need.

100% Customizable

Deliver every order on time
Manage and optimize your delivery operations, our simple dashboard and intuitive drivers app allows businesses to view the status of every order in real-time from an easy-to-use interface.

Why start with Ordering?

Out-of-the-box Solution
We offer a fully qualified e-commerce solution, providing a wide range of features designed to meet your company's needs, including customization, multi-lingual support, content management, and more.
All products & services supported
It does not matter what kind of business you're in, you can count on us to help grow your e-commerce sales by improving the way customers find and order from your store online.
Zero commissions, no hidden fees
Never Pay Commission Again: Keep all revenue from your sales. Next time you make an eCommerce sale, keep every penny. No commission, no hidden fees, nothing.
We’re here for you
Our team of experts is always ready to get you answers in less than 72 hours, also being hosted in Amazon Web Services we guarantee 99.99998% uptime for your business.

Are you Ready to Start Growing your Business Online?
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